Excerpt from Disability Scoop Newsletter (Autism Down Syndrome Intellectual Disability Cerebral Palsy And More…)

Morphic is a free program that makes it easier for anyone to find and operate the usability and accessibility features built into Windows and Mac operating systems. Morphic’s basic features allow you to quickly increase text size, magnify portions of your screen, take a screenshot, read selected text aloud, manage your assistive technology (AT), and more. Morphic can also be deployed to all computers at institutions and organizations as a Free or Full Enterprise installation - contact the Morphic Team for more information info@morphic.org.


Content creators want everyone to be able to access their work, and businesses want their products available to as many people as possible. This useful web accessibility checklist, created by Vox Media, outlines specific criteria for designers, engineers, project managers, quality assurance, and editorial teams to build accessible content. At the bottom of the checklist, users will find markdown and plain text formats to copy and paste into documents, Slack, Trello, or other project management tools. Users who scroll to the Tools section will find several resources to help complete the items in the checklist, such as color blindness simulators and a color contrast analyzer. [Excerpted from Scout Report-Volume 27, Number 25]