PRONE: recumbent/lying face-down, fr/Latin pro-nus, leaning forward. Also apt, likely.
SUPINE: recumbent/lying on one’s back

These words are fun to use.

I like to think of lying prone on an inflated raft that has a place to see through…and I’m floating in Hanauma Bay watching beautiful sea creatures. Of course I have sun block.

My husband, Jack, used to lie prone all the time when he was working under one of the sinks in our house of that of many others. He loved helping people.

My daughter is a massage therapist. She usually has her patients start in a prone position. About halfway through the session, she has them lie in a supine position (except she doesn’t use that word because no one would understand). She just tells them to turn over.

When you say “supine,” think “spine.” You lie on your spine when you go to sleep. Usually. That’s called a supine position. These days, people are more prone to say “Lie face up” or “Lie face down.”