Arts & Crafts

  1. Absolute Shakespeare
  2. Academy of Motion Picture Arts/Sciences
  3. African American History
  4. American Theatre Wing - Working in the Theatre
  5. Amish Odyssey: Bill Coleman, Photographer
  6. Andreea Petcu musical videos
  7. Anne Geddes
  8. Arkansas Arts Center
  9. Art/Architecture: Mediterranean Basin
  10. ArtSEEN soHo
  11. J.S.Bach: Texts of the Complete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentary
  12. Bolshoi Theatre
  13. The Cave of Lascaux
  14. ChoralNet
  15. Dance Links, Ballet Links, etc., organized into link libraries
  16. Detroit Institute of Arts
  17. Film Sound History: Sven E Carlsson
  18. Great Day in Harlem: Art Kane
  19. Hans Namuth: Portraits
  20. Harappa, the Indus Valley & the Raj: Glimpses of SE Asia before 1947
  21. Helios: National Museum of American Art Photography Online
  22. How Guitars Work
  23. Jazz Review
  24. KinderArt Art Education
  25. Kiowa Drawings
  26. Larry Krantz Flute Site
  27. London Theatre Guild
  28. Musee Rodin
  29. New Perspectives on the West
  30. Poetry Previews
  31. Photos by Fred Stein: 1930’s - 1940’s
  32. Photos from the Golden Age of Jazz: William P. Gottlieb: (Library of Congress)
  33. Powerful Days in Black & White: Photojournal by Charles Moore
  34. Picture Collection (Time Inc) 100 Years of the Best Photojournalism
  35. Selected Civil War Photos (Library of Congress)
  36. Sheet Music Plus
  37. Text of Lieder and Art Songs: REC Music Foundation
  38. Universe of Bagpipes
  39. Vatican Museum/Musei Vaticani
  40. Vincent van Gogh (Artsy)
  41. Vincent van Gogh Gallery
  42. Virtual Ceramics Exhibit
  43. Visual Journey: Lisa Law’s photographic journey of 1960’s counterculture
  44. The Walt Whitman Archive
  45. Women Artists of the American West: Past and Present